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Tonghui TH1776 DC Bias Current Source

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Quick Overview

TH1776 DC bias current source is mainly used to exert DC bias current for inductance measurement on inductance and transformer winding.
Except the reach of demanded current, there are some other demands such as weak influence on inductance measurement, and wide frequency response .etc. there is no panel operation in TH1776, LCR can directly set and control current, as well as being compatible with the control mode of HP4284A and E4980A. the instrument can output 0~20A current, and the superposition of two TH1776 can provide 0~40 A current, frequency response range is 100Hz~1MHz, thus the application range of magnetic-core inductor becomes wider, providing a perfect solution formula to analyze magnetic-core material

Bias source
Current range 0—20A(1 set),0-40A(2 sets)
Current resolution 1A range:0.01A,
range above 1A:0.1A
current accuracy 1A range:±(1%+5mA)
5A range:±2%
20A range:±3%
Frequency response range 100Hz-2M Hz
Output voltage range 1A(Min.35V,classical value 40V),5A(Min.5V,classical value15V)20A(Min.1V,classical value4V)
Basic impedance accuracy ≤1%(1KHz-2MHz)
Interface(Option) Normal,controlled by TH2828

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