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Tonghui TH1775 DC Bias Current Source

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Quick Overview

TH1775 is a DC Bias Current Source (or DC Magnetization Current Source) used for inductance measurement of inductors and transformer windings with DC bias current. Except for constant current output, low additional error and wide frequency response range are important for bias current inductance measurement.
High frequency LCR meter could be used, when the frequency response range is wide enough. MPU controlled auto current balance technology is adopted to realize AC+DC current overlap and constant current output from 0 to ±20A. Two TH1775 can be paralleled to supply a maximum current up to 40A.TH1775 permits high frequency measurement up to 1 MHz and can be directly controlled by TH2816A, TH2817A, TH2818 and TH2819. TH1773/TH1775 with its low additional error, wide frequency response range and sweep output function is widely used in DC biased inductance measurement. TH1775 also provides a perfect solution for magnetic material analysis.

Bias source
Current range -20A-20A
Current resolution 200mA range: 0.1 mA,
2A range: 1 mA,
6A/10A/20A range: 10 mA
current accuracy ±2% reading±3 digits
Current output mode single point,various points and average point
Frequency response range 1kHz-1M Hz
Impedance range ωL < 1 kΩ, L<8/I (H),I is output current
Output voltage range 0-8 V
Basic impedance accuracy ≤1%
Sweep mode Manual,auto
Sweep point 2—15 points
Delay time 0-99s available
Warm up time 20 Min
Memory 20 groups of measurement can be saved
Interface(Option) RS232

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