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Osee ENC6800 NTSC/PAL Encoder

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Quick Overview

The ENC6800 is a broadcast quality encoder, converting NTSC/PAL 4:2:2 serial digital video into analog composite video and having four channels of analog composite video outputs.
Utilizing the latest advances in encoding technology, the ENC6800 ensures the top quality video output. The precision digital encoding supports NTSC and PAL. The standard selection of output mode is automatic for 525 line NSTC or 625 line PAL standards. The overall accuracy of the encoder is 10-bit. The accuracy of output signal can be achieved through the provision of 4x oversampling and jitter removal.

Serial Digital Video Input
Standards SMPTE 259M-C 270Mb/s,
525/625 component
Connector BNC(IEC169-8)
Impedance 75 ohm
Return Loss >18dB to clock frequency
Singal Level 800mV +/-10%
CMR Ratio 30Vp-p,to 60 Hz
Equalization Automatic to 30dB,SMPTE 259M-C
Serial Digital Video Output
Number of Inputs 2
Standards SMPTE 259M-C;270Mb/s,525/625 component
Connector BNC per IEC169-8 standard
Impedance 75 ohm
Return Loss >18dB to clock frequency
Signal Level 800mV +/-10%
DC Offset 0V+/-0.5V
Rise and Fall Time 0.4 to 0.7nS(20% to 80% of amplitude)
Overshoot <10% of amplitude (all output terminated))
Jitter <0.3nS
Analog Video Output
Number of Outputs 4
Standards NTSC, PAL
Level 1Vp-p
Impedance 75 ohm
Connector BNC( IEC169-8)
Return Loss >40dB to 5.75MHz
Output Filter Per CCIR601 standard
Differential Gain 0.7%
Differential Phase 0.5 o
Group Delay <10nS to 5.75MHz
S/N Ratio >60dB to 5MHz
Quantization 10 bits
Reference Input
Signal Type NSTC/PAL analog composite
Connector BNC( IEC169-8 )
Impedance High loop through

▶ Automatic or manual switch for NTSC/PAL
▶ 4X oversampling
▶ 10-bit internal processing
▶ Four channels of analog composite video outputs
▶ External NSTC or PAL BB reference input
▶ Manifold Processing amplifier control

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