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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How could price be this low and product maintain genuine?

We source all our product from the most primary source, and we always believe in keeping the operation to its only necessities. The one standard we like to apply on all the products we sell is to think whether we will buy the product in its quality and price if we were the customer.

2. Can I pay you via credit card?

Yes, credit card payments are acceptable via Paypal.

3. Can I make my payment via wire transfer?

Yes, NSIteck welcome and accept your payment via bank wire transfer.

If you want to make your order payment via bank wire transfer, please make sure you put the order number into the reference field, so we can process it easily.

4. How do I know my payment has been received?

If payments are made via Paypal, you will receive the invoice upon completion indicating your payments have been received. If it is paid via bank transfer, you will receive a confirmation email with one working day. If you did not receive any confirmation within the time we specified above, contact us immediately.

5. Will I be provided with invoice after purchase?

Yes, your invoice will be available after completion of an order. It can be viewed under “Your account” and a copy will also sent to your registered email account.

6. How can I submit refund requirement from NSIteck?

If you are not satisfying with the item you received, please contact us as soon as possible. Our support staff will give you instructions on how to go through the return and refund process. For more details, please read Return Policy.

7. I send an item back to you, when can I get my funds back?

Within two working days after the item is received.

8. What's your warranty?

We do not cover repairs and maintenance of the products ourself. But all product we sold carries at least 1 year manufacturer warranty agents defects. If a product is defective, we will exchange it free of charge. If a product needs repairing or maintenance but is not defective, contact us and we do the best we can on provide you with information and contacts.

9. What's the start of the warranty period?

The start is from the time when you received the item.

10. Can I return a defective item to you?

Yes, all our products carries manufacturer warranty against defect and poor workmanship, we will exchange the item free of charge.

11. Can I cancel an order I placed?

You can cancel your order provided it hasn't yet entered the shipping process. If the item has entered the shipping process, it cannot be canceled. However, you can still return the item for a refund. To cancel an order please contact us immediately.

12 When will you ship my order?

We strive to keep most items in stock for immediate delivery, If your items are in stock, they will be shipped within 24 hours.

In the event that an item is out of stock or any other reason it's unable to be shipped, we will notify you usually within one business day. We will keep the order open unless told to cancel it.

13. Can you ship to my country?

We can ship to almost anywhere accessible, as we work with most major courier companies. Check “Locations we ship to” for more details. If you found our system unable to give you a shipping quote, please contact us, we will do our best to make it happen.

14. How do you calculate my shipment cost?

Depending on weight, size, and destination. See “Shipping Method Guild” for more details.

15. Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?

Yes, but only before completion of the order. Once the order has completed the item might have already been picked up. We can try communicate with the courier company but the result is not guaranteed.

16. Why is it my order not shipped by the courier I selected?

Items such as battery and those containing batteries might not be able to shipped into certain destination under certain time or event. Hence NSIteck reserve the rights to change courier selection. We will inform you as soon as we can if this arias.

17. Why is the tracking number not working?

Tracking numbers are uploaded as soon as it is available, however it does not mean it is activated. Please allow 24 hours before the number is first uploaded.

18. How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

Depends on the destination and the carrier service you selected. Some carriers are faster to some destinations than others however it will take longer for remote regions. See “Estimated delivery time” for more information on suggestive courier to different locations.

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