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Tonghui TH2820 LCR Meter

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Quick Overview

TH2820 LCR meter is a micro-desktop instrument using micro-processor control technology.
Six basic parameters can be measured: inductance (L), capacitance (C), resistance (R), impedance (|Z|), dissipation
factor (D) and quality factor (Q). TH2820 fulfills the measurement requirements of LCR component
manufacturers and maintenance technicians.

Simple and Practical LCR Meter
20x2 Characters Display with Back-light
Multi Frequency Zeroing Function
4 Bins Comparator Function
High performance and low cost

Power requirement 99-121V, 198-242V
Dimension 270mmx110mmx260mm
Net weight 2.5 kg

TH26004-1 4-terminal Kelvin Test Clip Leads

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