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Tonghui TH1772B DC Bias Current Source

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Quick Overview

TH1772B, a DC constant current source, is used for low frequency DC current biased impedance measurement of inductors, transformers and coils. The inductance characters under specified bias current can be measured and evaluated.
The meter can be used with all LCR meters produced by our company and other well-known LCR meters worldwide, especially for fast measurement on production line. With its short setup time and low additional error for LCR meter can be used for fast measurement in a product line environment. Several DC bias sources can be paralleled to supply a higher DC bias current output. The meter can also be used as a common DC current source.

Bias source
Current range -6A-6A
Current resolution 200mA range: 0.1 mA,
2A range: 1 mA,
6A/10A/20A range: 10 mA
current accuracy ±1% reading ± 2 digits

Frequency response range 50 Hz – 10 kHz
Impedance range ωL < 2 kΩ, L<1 (H)
Output voltage range 0 — 11.5V
Basic impedance accuracy ≤2%

Warm up time 20 Min

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