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Tonghui TH1312-20 Audio Sweep Signal Generator

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Quick Overview

TH1312-20 is a 3 3/4 digit Audio Sweep Signal Generator with sine wave output, low distortion and high stability over the whole audio frequency range.

The start and end sweep frequencies and sweep time can be set as you need and signal frequency will be outputted by automatic log sweep mode or manual adjustment mode. TH1312-20 has multi protective functions such as power on/off delay protection, over current protection and DC amplitude limit protection. Long time short circuit is permitted and this character makes the instrument more reliable and convenient. Three different kinds of power outputs can be selected. TH1312-20, with its good load regulation and smooth amplitude frequency characteristics, can be widely used as a signal generator in acoustical, oscillatory and telegraphic areas. The production is especially suitable for purity inspection of loudhailer unit and system (sound box).

Includes TH26004C 2-terminal test cable

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