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TES PROVA-6600 3Φ Power Clamp

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Quick Overview

3 f 4W, 3 f 3W, 3 f Balanced, 1 f 2W, and 1 f 3W Power Measurement.
AC+DC true power, and True RMS AC Voltage and Current
AC+DC 2000A, AC 600V, DC 800V
AC+DC 1200KW(1 f ), AC+DC 2000KW (3 f )
Dual Display V+Hz, A+Hz, W+PF, KVA+KVAR, V+A
Phase Angle Measurement
3 f RST(L1L2L3) Sequence Indication.
Memory of 4 records.
DCA/DCW Auto Zero when power clamp powering on.
AC/DC Auto Detection.
Auto range.
Conductor Size Cable f 55mm. (approx.)
Bus Bar 65mm(D)x24mm(W)
Battery Type 9V
Display 2x4 Digits Dual Display LCD
Range Selection Auto
Overload Indication OL
Power Consumption 28mA (approx.)
Low battery Indication
Sampling Time 0.5 sec. (V and A)
1.6 sec. (W)
Operating Temperature 4 o to 50 o C
Operating Humidity Less than 85% relative
Altitude up to 2000M
Storage Temperature -20 o C to 60 o
Storage Humidity Less than 75% relative
Dimensions 271mm(L)x112mm(W)x46mm(H)
Weight 647g/22.8 oz (Battery included)

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