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Pisen TS-DV001-DU21 Battery for Panasonic DU21

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Quick Overview

Li-ion battery replacement for Panasonic DU21
Li-ion battery replacement for Panasonic DU21
Battery voltage 7.2V
Battery capacity 2040mAh
Size 3.990*3.600*4.168cm
Weight 139.5g
For NV-GS10/50/30/70/40/PV-GS50/GS50S/GS70/M30 DZ-MV350A/380A/NV-GS120K/200K/GS200/GS120/GS400/GS300/GS508/GS250/GS158/GS258SK/GS78SK/GS28SK/GS38S/GS408/GS75/GS150/GS38/GS55/D78/GS25/GS68GK/H28/H258/H288GK/GS188/GS320/NV-GS328GK

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