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Boling BL-802WPD Portable Flash Light Kit

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For outdoor photography, art photo, children photography, advertising products
1, the battery is fully charged: the right push the battery cover on the chassis of BL-WPD, the 12V3AH Ni-MH battery into the chassis (Note that the battery direction was wrong to not get in the end), and cover
The battery cover. Supporting the charger into the (AC110V-220V) power supply, the charging indicator on the charger the green light, plug in the charger output DC DC-ON outdoor photo light
Charging jack on the charger the green light into red light starts to charge the battery. Charge about four hours, the red light on the charger again turns green, charging is completed.
2, the lamp cord and BL-the WPD output socket with a tight connection. Connector direction, then insert in a good direction.
3, open the power switch on the chassis of BL-WPD, this time charging indicator READ bright red, when sufficient power after the flash circuit, READ indicator is green, and beep
Call back has been completed (you can choose whether or not to beep). If you check the device is normal, you can press the TEST test flash button for test flash.
Sync There are several ways:
1. BL-WPD with a synchronization device BUZZ light control, flash on the camera, the BL-the WPD sync flash.
2. the BL-WPD with SYNC Sync cable jack, available Sync cable to connect the camera flash synchronization. Sync cable, synchronized light control device is an automatic discharge.
3. BL-WPD recommended to use a wireless remote trigger for Sync. This is the best synchronization mode, neither the connection for the inconvenience, but also free from the interference of ambient light. Currently to be absolutely
4. Endorse the use of most users.
5, BL-WPD whether the level tone light function, the flash energy output knob to adjust the flash energy output on the chassis.
6, the AC in the workplace, the BL-WPD to allow the flash to work at the same time the battery in the machine added charge supporting the charger into the (AC110V-220V) power
DC-ON source, the charger output of the DC plug into the BL-WPD charging jack for charging. This can increase the number of flashes.
7, BL-WPD beep sound select button switch, press down to lift the beep, and then a switch reset to restore the beeps.
8, modeling light switch on the lamp, you can choose to open the modeling lights. The modeling lamp 12V35W halogen bulb. Modeling bulb power consumption is relatively large, so try not to open, electricity
Pool the number of flashes.
9, the lamp can be handheld or use the lighthouse support. All accessories can be installed on a standard shade, umbrellas, softboxes, honeycomb cover, beam tube studio light. A variety of connectors and shadow
The room lights.

1 Battery pack
2 Lamp head
1 Charger
2 Standard reflecter
1 Ni-H battery
1 Remote trigger
2 Hand grip
1 Sync cord
2 Umbrellas
2 Light stands
2 Stand bags
1 Carrying bag
Max power 800Ws
Power Variation 1/8 to full
Stepless Power Variation YES
Guide Number GN: 68(ISO100/m)
Color Temperature 5200K-5500K
Battery 24V 3AH Ni-H battery
Recycle Time to Full Power 3.2 secs
No. of Flashes (approximate) 160
Modeling Lamp 2 G5 24V 35W Halogen Lamp
To trigger Flash Photocell, Sync cable, Manually, Infrared, Radio remote trigger
Method of Charge Use travel charger or desktop charger
Battery Installation Insert
Number of Lamp head Two

Volume 167 x 73 x 209 mm
Battery weight 650g
Total weight 7000g

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