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BFDX BF-330 Wireless Radio Handheld Transceiver

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Quick Overview

BF-330 Wireless Radio Transceiver
Power 5W
Carrying FCC, CE Certification
Voice function VOX
Open voice features, you do not need to press the PTT key can call

Write frequency
Manually set the frequency via the PC programming software to set the function parameters
Squelch level setting (0 to 9)
9 squelch, squelch level you need according to the different environments to reduce background noise

Transmit timeout timer TOT
To prevent the walkie-talkie had long occupied a channel, to avoid accidentally occupy the phenomenon of channel
Wide / narrow-band conversion
By writing to the frequency of software can be set for each channel interval for 25KHz or 12.5KHz

Low power to remind
The battery is low, to remind you to replace the battery
Busy channel lockout
Prevent the user receiving unauthorized signals and busy channel to send signal to keep the channel clean and free from interference

Automatic power saving features
Did not receive signal or no operation, the transceiver will automatically enter power-saving mode to reduce power consumption, thus extending the battery life time

Scrambler function
Exchange the transmit and receive frequency and transmit and receive sub-audio
CTCSS / CDCSS and tail to eliminate
38 standard set of audio and 83 standard set of sub-audio and digital, to support non-standard CTCSS / CDCSS set CTCSS or CDCSS can be eliminated with the frequency of the interference, you can also eliminate the sender due to the call ends, the carrier caused Kacha "sound

1. Transceiver,
2. Charger,
3. Li-ion Battery
4. Antenna
Frequency range of UHF :400-470MHz
Channel number 99
Channel spacing of 25 KHz / 12.5 KHz,
Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ° C
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Power supply voltage of 3.7VDC (± 20%)
Battery 2200mAh (Lithium battery)
Frequency stability ≤ ± 2.5 ppm
Overall dimensions 59 × 41 × 103mm
Weight 220g (including battery)
RF output power ≤ 5W
The modulation the way 16KΦF3E (width) / 8K50F3E (narrow)
Spurious and harmonics ≤-36dBm
FM noise ≤-40dB
Audio Distortion ≤ 5%
Adjacent Channel Power ≥ 65 dB (W) / 55 dB (narrow)
Modulation limit ≤ 5KHz (width) / 2.5KHz (narrow)
Receiving part
Sensitivity ≤ 0.165μV (W) / within 0.2μV (narrow)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥ 60dB (wide) / 50dB (narrow)
Intermodulation immunity ≥ 60dB (wide) / 50dB (narrow)
Spurious immunity ≥ 60dB (wide) / 50dB (narrow)
Signal to noise ratio ≥ 45dB (wide) / 40dB (narrow)
Audio output power 0.5W
Audio Distortion ≤ 5%

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