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797Audio MW-108 Wireless Microphone VHF 160MHz-270MHz

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Quick Overview

One Tie-clip wireless microphone and one hands holding microphone
Enhanced band-pass filters at higher and medium frequencies which effectively reduce interfering signals.
Resist disturbing strongly, limits noise output.
Quartz frequency stabiliser used to improve performance consistency.
Special circuitry designed to eliminate popping noise when turning the transmitters on or off
Audio signals compressed and then reformed to further reduction of noise and improvement of dynamic range
With a wide using range for over 50m and 80m max in a good surrounding
Applications: teaching, speeches and small-scale activities

1 Tie-clip wireless microphone
1 Hands holding microphone
1 Transmiitter
Receiver Frequency Range:VHF 160MHz~190MHz 190MHz~220MHz 220MHz~270MHz
Receiver Distance:>50m(good surrounding )
Max Excursion:+/-5KHz
Frequency Steadiness: +/-0.005% S/N Ratio: >100dB T.H.D:<0.5%
Frequency Response: 80Hz~20kHz
Sensitivity: input 10-15dBu S/N:70dB
Mute Mode: Locked
Audio Frequency & Noise Resonance Interfere Rate: >80dB
Output Plug:XLR balanced / P unbalanced
Transmitter Power: 10mW
Auxiliary Harmonic:>-50dBc
Receiver Power Supply:DC 16.0V,250mA(CCC criterion)

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